Few events parallel the trauma and stress caused by a fire. The immediate physical damage is quite evident and disheartening. However, smoke odor and soot is an after effect that must be addressed in a timely manner. ARC specializes in not only repairing the physical damage a fire creates but also, the hidden damage. Due to the unique behavior of smoke, restoring property after fire damage is not simple. Smoke residues are acidic in nature, so over time they will cause permanent stains and corrosion to the building components and finishes of your home or business. Smoke can penetrate and absorb into building materials and if not properly mitigated, will cause a smoke odor that can last for years and cause health risks. ARC’s certified mitigation specialists follow a rigorous and thorough process. This process ensures that the effects of smoke and soot on your home or business are completely eliminated and your property is restored to a pre-loss condition.