Storm Damage can occur suddenly and without warning. Storms often leave a great deal of damage in their wake, and when they do, it can leave your family reeling. If an unexpected storm has caused upheaval in your life, we are here to help. It’s easy to worry about your loved ones when disaster strikes, but your property can also suffer serious damage. Hail, wind and lightning can cause damage to your home, roof or siding in a variety of ways that are not always easy to understand. When disaster happens, take the guesswork out and get some peace of mind. Call ARC to start rebuilding. Tornadoes can leave whole homes in ruin and make even the smallest object dangerous. Hail damage can destroy your roof and/or windows, and leave your home vulnerable to the elements, inviting more damage. Lightning can cause sudden fires and electronic damage. ARC has seen it all and has helped thousands of families. Let our experience, timely service and total care help you get your life back on track.